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“Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent”

― Victor Hugo


Have you ever experienced love in its pure form?


I’m not talking about during coitus, and your partner says those three words. I’m speaking of deep, sensual, intimate love. Like when two souls meet in their raw, natural, unadulterated form when everything is just right. If you have experienced this, then the light of the gods shines on you and their favour glows warmly within you. I say this because not everyone experiences this in their lifetime.


Before you get carried away thinking that this is one of those sex blogs telling you how to increase your libido, get your penis to grow larger (as if that does it for better lovemaking), perform for much longer etc.


Sorry, it isn’t…


I guess the next paragraph will be the deal maker or breaker, so here goes…


There’s this ‘gem in the rough’ kind of place. The reason I refer to it as such shall be apparent soon enough.


What happens there is that music is made, it is created, like when the ‘word’ was uttered, and life came into being. And when one sees the passion with which this creativity is shared with the world… it is possible for an individual to experience ‘orgasm’. Ecstasy ceases to be a pill, it becomes familiarity.


There is a most intimate synergy, first between the artists on stage. This is evident especially on the open mic nights – Thursdays & Sundays.

They could be individuals who have never jammed together before, but on stage, the unexplainable occurs.


Now that is between the artists on stage. On the other hand, there is what to expect from the artists as the audience. It is an experience the individual will go through as the artists do what they do best, so flawlessly, and as it seems with so much ease, one ends up feeling as though they are literally performing on stage. It is a form of bodhi that leaves you not quite the same ever again.


As I began, I spoke of love. I revert to this because there is no other way in which I know how to fully express myself as clearly and as understandably, as I shall attempt to in the next few…


In one instance, Harry Kimani was on stage. It was a Friday night & the crowd was an intimate one, as it usually is, approximately 20 or so people to begin with. It was as intimate as having Harry over at yours to perform in your living room. He told stories of how the songs he performed came about, the feelings that abounded, where he was, who he was with, what had happened at that time… He made you feel as though you were there with him when it actually happened.


It was like being at a pub on a loose Tuesday evening, seated at the counter & having a bartender named Sam serve you. You meet up with a bunch of splendid people, hit up a conversation & the next thing you realize is that its 3 in the morning… and you start asking yourself how you got there.


Here’s how…


Be a part of the Super Friday Question at Dagoz and make sure you come off with an answer.

Harry is a really super good performer. So, it’s Harry & his guitar on stage, an acoustic performance second to none…you need to experience it to understand it in its fullness…


So, towards the end of Harry’s performance, this other fellow comes up on the right side of the stage (depending on your viewpoint). He picks up the electric guitar, and straps on…


The guitar is upside down, so clearly he’s left-handed, that’s number one. Number two is, just then, Harry looks to his right, and their eyes lock in a gaze. Whatever communication proceeds from that locked look one cannot possibly fathom, but its product was apparent.


Now I knew Harry was good, I’d seen his performances before. The gentleman who had strapped on was Dave Otieno. Now I know him, I’ve heard him perform before as well. He is also better than good (…that’s a story for another day).


But the two of them – together?


Two maestros together can come up with shit or something really beautiful. No word in the English lexicon exists to explain what magic came next (maybe in Dholuo…definitely in Dholuo).


We come back to the experience of love. The notes, keys and chords Harry and Dave played and sung were pure unadulterated love. These two performing artists had captured the intimate crowd, we were eating from their hands. The emotions that went through my being were a thousand and one, and then some. Like I said, the experience of the whole performance has no single English word that can fully explain the beauty, the magic, the ecstasy, the love, the emotion that went into this performance.


Maybe a paragraph, or two, or three…


That experience of being with someone in your unashamed nakedness. Letting this other person feel you, touch your every inch while they gaze intensely into your eyes. At some point, it stops being physical. It becomes subliminal. It is so intense, that it is more of an out of body experience. And just from touch. Your lips haven’t met yet, your partner hasn’t moved over the length and breadth of your body yet… slowly. The hairs on the back of your neck and everywhere else have stood stiff on end, unwavering. You have a slight shiver…a tremor, a shudder even…


In addition to all this happening, your partner whispers into your ear, explaining to you what, why and how they are doing as they are. Asking you what they should do next and how just the way you like it. The intent here is for your bodies and souls to communicate. To be one, in the same zone…lost in time, in ecstasy….


Back to earth…


…and all this is from the musical performance. A combination of chords that can only be explained as pure beauty, just as it was intended to be. Yes, you might dance, you might even go into a frenzy, get lost in the motions of the music, but in all this, you shall be one with it. The artists on this stage at Dagoz Bar and Artists Venue shall touch the core of your very being with their art and how they project it. Just like that lover, when they finally become one with you…

This ‘gem in the rough’ is the culmination of two individuals having an idea and seeing it to fruition. Dave Otieno and Stevo Kiwinda came up with the concept of Dagoz Bar and Artist Venue, to have artist bare themselves raw on stage, to share themselves with us mortal beings on their terms. Here, the artist is royalty, this is their zone, and luckily they allow us mere mortals to share in their space with them…and a beautiful space it is.


This is just but the beginning… Visit them in Dagoretti Corner, get to know the dream, what has become their reality, be a part and evolve together with them as well as the rest of the artists, experience it, appreciate it… share it.


“Each person comes into this world with a specific destiny–he has something to fulfil, some message has to be delivered, some work has to be completed. You are not here accidentally–you are here meaningfully. There is a purpose behind you. The whole intends to do something through you.”

― Osho




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